escorts in London love the movies especially horror movies that take place in the woods

Watching movies is my hobby ever since, especially if it’s about horror. I knew that I am easily scared, but I can’t help but keep wanting to watch. I can watch it alone, and scare myself all night. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep because of the movie I’ve watched; it feels like I am haunted too. One thing that really scares me when the place is in the woods, I just find it very scary and thrilling. It feels like you are in the scene too, I bet you have to bring a blanket by your side and cover your face whenever its surprise you. You know horror movies that take place in the woods just creeps me out, yet I love to watch it all over again.


I spend most of my money watching movies, whenever a new horror movie is release and takes place in the woods, plainly you will see me fall in line in the cinema. Even though it made me brave watching it but deep inside I was like dying. I usually scream my fear and cover my face. After watching, I can’t forget the movie and keeps running back to my mind. I am terrified, and take my pills to sleep because if I don’t, I’ll go crazy thinking about the monster and ghosts into the woods.


I find horror movies very entertaining; it is never a waste of time. You’ll love to eat lots of popcorn because its thrilling. You shout a lot and smile after. Well, yeah it creeps me out but it satisfies my soul. I think I become addicted to watching horror movies that take place in the woods, whenever I have free time I keep searching for movies and watch it. Its my way of getting out bored or my pass time. Sometimes, I invite my friends which they like it too.


My friends and I work as an escort in London for a long time, been in this career for eight years now, and love my work. I am so thankful for becoming an escort in London because helps me financially and bought tickets of my favorite horror movie. Being an escort in London helps me to do great things in life and would be grateful for it for all of my life.


Since I become an escort in London, I gather lots of friends, and that was amazing. You have people to be with you in good times and bad times. What’s more amazing is, almost we have the same hobbies. Like, we always love to watch horror movies whenever we have free time. Having a movie marathon becomes our way of fun, we love to go first to a grocery store and bought snacks. Usually, we spend the night in our house, laying in the living room with the huge mattress and fully airconditioning will make the place more relaxing and peaceful. These friends of mine know exactly what I like so for all of us, I pick horror movies that take place in the woods. We all just screaming, creeping each other and covering each over the blanket. It’s so fun because we used to play it in the house, like someone is in the bathroom, and scares her. We end up tossing bears and sharing our old scary moments in life. Perhaps because here in London witchcraft is really the thing. We heard lots of scary news about witchcraft, hunting in the woods that sometimes the hunter can’t go back, etc. I don’t know what made me so interested in horror movies like I can go all day watching it all over again.


I almost watch all horror movies on Netflix, sometimes I keep watching back movies I’ve seen before when I got no choice. I always love watching horror movies; it forgets me my problems in life, heartaches, and the best cure for loneliness. I ber after watching the movie, you won’t feel alone anymore. You feel like you have a companion that freaks you out. Its kind of crazy yet very fulfilling. Escorts in London love to use their free time watching horror movies than shopping. escorts in London love the movies especially horror movies that take place in the woods